About us

Photosarea is an international internet project whose primary goal is to show pictures of the beauty of our planet. We live in a world rich in places, poor in places, but everywhere there are beautiful places whose shape is profoundly memorable. We want you to see nature and civilization as it is. That’s why we just capture it and we do not modify the photos, we do not paint them.

We do not want to leave your photos for yourself. That’s why all the content on this site is available for free and you can use it for both private and commercial purposes. We do not mind when you download and use photos for website creation, various internet works, or outside the internet. We will be honored to see our photos become part of your production and do not mind even if you continue to sell your works. You do not have to ask us if you can use any photo. The only thing we do not want is direct sales through off-line and on-line systems and inclusion into the photo bank. This would be contrary to the principle of free distribution of photos for which we started this project.